Filmation Character
Air Force Colonel
Real Name  Unrevealed
AKA  Colonel
Species  Human
Sex  {{{gender}}}
Homeworld  Earth
Universe  Earth-1A
Height  {{{height}}}
Weight  {{{weight}}}
Hair Color  black
Eye Color  brown
Occupation  {{{occupation}}}
Apprentice to 
Affiliation  U.S. Air Force
Base  Metropolis Space Rocket Launch Base
Enemy of 
Abilities  Hand-to-Hand combat[1]
Played by   ???

This Colonel was stationed at the Metropolis Space Rocket Launch Base, located in the city of Metropolis. He and his superior officer was present when the base was under attack by alien invaders from the planet Thruta.


The New Adventures of Superman


  1. All military officers are trained in Hand-to-Hand combat

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