Ruby-Spears Character
Anne White
Alice White
Real name: Alice Anne White
AKA: Alice Spencer
Anne Spencer
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: brown
Eyes: brown
Relatives: Perry White (husband)
Base: Metropolis

Alice Anne White (maiden name Alice Spencer) was the wife of Daily Planet editor Perry White.

She once took a cruise with her husband on the Narnia in the Bermuda Triangle.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Super powers




Background Information

On the parallel universe of Earth-One, Alice White was the wife of Perry White and the mother of Perry White, Jr. and others.


Alice White made her first appearance in Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen # 42 (January 1960).[2]


Superman (TV series)

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  1. As seen in Superman episode Wildsharkk (1988).
  2. For more information about that DC comic book, click here.

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