Filmation Character
Real Name  Garth
Species  Metahuman
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Homeworld  Earth
Universe  Earth-1A
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Apprentice to  Aquaman
Affiliation  Teen Titans
Base  Poseidonis, originally Tritonis
Enemy of 
Abilities  Breathe underwater, super strength
Played by  Jerry Dexter

Filmation Aqualad.jpg.

Aqualad was the teenage sidekick of Aquaman during the '60s. He was also a member of the Teen Titans.

He rode on a giant seahorse named Imp, and he had a pet walrus named Tusky.

Background Information


In the Comics

Aqualad is the son of King Thar and Queen Berra of Tritonis, the sister city of Aquaman's home Poseidonis from the continent of Atlantis.

When Thar's brother, Zath, led a revolt with his followers, the Idyllists, Thar was killed, and Berra was banished to Poseidonis. When Garth (Aqualad's real name) was born, he was left to die because of his purple eyes, which was seen as a sign of genetic inferiority. However, he was saved by Aquaman's biological father, Atlan, who raised him as his own. After leaving Atlan, Aqualad met Atlan's son, Aquaman, whom he rescued from certain death. Grateful for what he had done, Aquaman made Aqualad his sidekick.[1]



Aqualad did not appear in any episode of the Superfriends.

He only appeared in the Filmation series The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968):
Aquaman Episodes:

Coming Soon!

Teen Titans episodes:


  • Aqualad first appeared in Adventure Comics vol.1, #269[2] (February 1960)
  • He was created by Robert Bernstein and Ramona Fradon


  1. Background Information is from Earth-One continuity.
  2. Go to the DC Database for more on Adventure Comics vol.1, #269

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