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Ruby-Spears Character
Baby Plas
Baby Plas 2
Real Name  Luke "Ernie" O'Brian (in the 2006 Teen Titans series 3 comics, #34).
AKA  Offspring (Teen Titans series 3)
Species  Metahuman
Home Planet  Earth
Universe  Earth-1A
Hair Color  black
Eye Color  he has goggles on, you cant see his eyes.
Relatives  Plastic Man
Apprentice to 
Enemy of 
Abilities  Can Stretch like his father.
Voiced by  Clare Peck

Baby Plas was seen in The The Plastic Man Show and He was grown-up in the Teen Titans series 3 Comics.


  • Teen Titans (third series) #34 [2006] as Offspring.
  • The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show as Baby Plas.

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