Gleek eating from a Banana tree.[1]


A woman pushes her shopping cart through the produce section at the Supermarket and she passes the Bananas.[2]

The word Banana refers to a type of tree and the fruit that grows on it. Apes and monkeys are well known for eating the fruit of banana trees.

There were some bananas in a fruit bowl in Luther Fenwick's office.[3]

Several bananas were seen along with lots of other junk that had been tossed into the ocean, and the Krim family used Noah Tall's Sucker Tube to clean up the junk, sucking it into the tube.[4]

Some bananas were in a fruit bowl next to where Robin was sitting when he was doing bodyguard duty for the Krim family in Marvin's backyard. There were also pears and oranges.[5]

Foods made with bananas


Coming soon!


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