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Filmation Character
Real name: Barbara Gordon
AKA: Babs
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: red
Eyes: blue
Height: 5'6
Weight: 121 lbs
Relatives: James Gordon (father)[1]
Occupation: Librarian; superhero
Base: Gotham City
Affiliations: Batman Family
Voiced/Played: Jane Webb[2]
Dania Cericola[3]
Melindy Britt[4]
Mika Doi[5]
Masumi Miyazaki[6]
Batgirl (LCE 41)

As a wax figure in Limited Collectors' Edition #C-41 (December 1975 / January 1976).


Batgirl, as seen on a Super Friends Lunchbox.

Batgirl is one of Batman's allies. In reality, she is James Gordon's daughter, Barbara, a librarian.

Background Information

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Barbara "Babs" Gordon, is a librarian by day, and a spirited crimefighter by night. She occasionally partners with Robin, or her boyfriend Jason Bard, a Vietnam War veteran with a chronic knee injury who is a private detective. Eventually Barbara reveals her secret identity to her father (who had already discovered it on his own). In 1972, she moved to Washington, D.C., wanting to serve as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives intending to give up her career as Batgirl. However, soon after, she eventually puts the mask back on and teams up with Superman for a few years. By 1975 she was back in Gotham City teaming up with Robin and Batwoman. She would stay in Gotham for the rest of the decade.[7]

Continuity from The Batman/Superman Hour (1968-1969)

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Continuity from The New Adventures of Batman (1977)

In this series Barbara now works as Assistant District Attorney for Gotham City. Batman and Robin are also aware of her dual-identity.


Filmation series: The Batman/Superman Hour

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Filmation series: The New Adventures of Batman

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Earth-1A Appearance

As a Wax Figure in late 1975:


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Appearances in Other Media

Batgirl DCAU Batgirl Barbara Gordon, was the daughter of Commissioner James Gordon and Sarah Gordon. Barbara is a skilled crime fighter who caught the attention of Batman, when the renegade artificial intelligence HARDAC attempted to replace the most influential members of Gotham (including James Gordon). Barbara was one of the few who initially felt something was wrong. Using a few skills she picked up from her father, Barbara managed to help Batman save everyone. When Commissioner Gordon is framed by the notorious villain Two-Face, Barbara dons a bat costume and finds that the uniform fits her better than she had first imagined. Whether they like it or not, Batman and Robin soon realize that they have a new red-headed ally in the form of Batgirl. In her daily life, Barbara is a student at Gotham State University. Her academic skills are matched only by her gymnastic ability, which she utilizes to her full advantage as Batgirl. Batman and Robin learn to trust and rely on Batgirl's contribution to eradicating Gotham's criminal element. Barbara lives in a private townhouse near Gotham's trendy Park Ridge. A service lift in Barbara's bedroom closet runs down to the secret basement where Barbara stores her Batgirl crimefighting gear. In addition to costumes and weapons, the basement also serves as garage for Batgirl's highly-advanced Batcycle, a gift from Batman.

This version of Batgirl is based on the Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1999), and The New Batman Adventures (1997-1999) produced for the Cartoon Network.
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  1. In the Earth-One continuity, James Gordon is the adopted father and actually uncle by blood relation. It is possible that the same is the case in the Earth-1A universe. In fact, in the Season 6 episode The Fear, Dick Grayson mentioned that the commissioner's niece wanted to dance with him, and although she was never revealed to be Babs, it's very possible that's who he was referencing. To my knowledge though, there's never been any episode that states she is his niece, so it's just left to speculation.
  2. Jane Webb provided the voice of the character on the English version of Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder.
  3. Dania Cericola provided the voice of Batgirl on the Spanish dub of The Adventures of Batman and The New Adventures of Batman.
  4. Melindy Britt provided the voice of the character on the English version of The New Adventures of Batman.
  5. Mika Doi provided the voice of Batgirl on the Japanese dub of The New Adventures of Batman.
  6. Masumi Miyazaki provided the voice of Batgirl on an alternate Japanese dub of The New Adventures of Batman.
  7. Background Information is from Earth-One continuity.
  8. Go to the DC Database for more on Detective Comics vol.1, #359