Real name: Blossom
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: red
Eyes: pink
Relatives: Buttercup, Bubbles (sisters)
Base: Townsville
Affiliations: Powerpuff Girls
Voiced/Played: Cathy Cavadini
Bloosom vs. Toyman

Blossom punches Toyman's lights out!

Blossom is a member of the Powerpuff Girls. She is the smartest of them. She is often seen as the most mature, level-headed and composed member of the group, though she can be fussy, forgetful, overbearing, vain and overly analytical at times.

Powers and Abilities


Super Friends and the Powerpuff Girls


  • Blossom first appeared in The Powerpuff Girls animated series and later appeared in DC Comics.
  • Blossom made her first DC Comics appearance in Powerpuff Girls # 1 (May 2000).[1]


  1. For more information about this DC comic book, click here.

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