Filmation Character
Blue Bolt
Real Name  unknown
Species  Unknown alien species
Sex  {{{gender}}}
Homeworld  Unknown
Universe  Earth-1A
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Weight  {{{weight}}}
Hair Color 
Eye Color 
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Apprentice to 
Base  Central City
Enemy of  Flash and Kid Flash
Abilities  Super speed
Played by 

The Blue Bolt is an alien supervillain from outer space. He has a history with the Flash, who had exiled him into space. Returning from exile in outer space, he began destroying landmarks around the world to get revenge on the Flash.

He had the ability to transform into a bolt of energy, which enabled him to fly, travel through space, and absorb and release other kinds of energy. In one instance, he absorbed energy from a solar flare and attempted to melt the Eiffel Tower.

The Flash and Kid Flash battled him across the world to Egypt, where they placed a large pipe in front of his path, angled upward. At the Blue Bolt’s high speed, he launched out into space.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers




The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967-1968):

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