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Captain Mystery
Captain Mystery2
Real name: Sidney Wanamaker
Species: Human
Hair: brown
Played by: Michael Bell
Sydney Wanamaker

Sydney Wanamacker

Sidney Wanamaker was a class-mate of Ronnie Raymond, aka Firestorm. In the guise of Captain Mystery, he was kind of a bumbling superhero that was more of a menace than a help to the SuperFriends.

Earth-1A History

Sidney Wanamaker is a nerdy computer geek that once accidentally hacked into the Justice League Computer. Using information he learned from the Justice League computer, he created an anti-gravity belt, and became a superhero calling himself Captain Mystery.

However, he wasn't very good at being a superhero, as he was such a big bumbler that he constantly made things worse and screwed up allowing villains to escape. After an ordeal with Lex Luthor, the Super Friends finally convince Sidney to hang up his cape for good.

Captain Mystery's house

Sydney's House


Using the Anit-gravity Belt

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers

Absolutely none.



  • Humanity: He is a flawed human. He's incredibly clumsy, and not in shape at all. Saying that he isn't althletic is a major understatement.



SuperFriends: The Legendary Super Powers Show (1984):

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