A man driving in a car[1]

A car[2] is a type of motor vehicle. There are many types of cars in the world. Cars also exist on other worlds in other solar systems.

Doctor Hiram Gulliver believed that real cars should be the size of toy cars, so that only a drop of gasoline would be needed to fuel them.[3]

Types of cars

List of cars


  1. As seen in Revenge on Gorilla City.
  2. The word car, in some contexts, is also at times used to describe any type of automobile, this could include trucks, and various other types of motor vehicles. (For example, in Too Hot to Handle, a bunch of automobiles were seen overheated, and Marvin refers to them as cars, even though there was more than just cars that could be seen, such as buses etc.)
  3. As seen in Gulliver's Gigantic Goof.

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