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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Carter Nichols
Real Name  Carter Nichols
Species  Human
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Professor Carter Nichols was the mentor of the Wonder Twins, who lived with him in their civil identities of John and Joanna Flemming. He was fluent in Interlac, so it was easy for him to communicate with Zan and Jayna while they were still trying to master the English language.

Powers and Abilities

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Background Information

In the parallel universe known as Earth-Two, Carter Nichols lived in Gotham City.

An exact counterpart to Professor Nichols existed on Earth-One, and shared the exact same personality and background. No distinction is to be made between the Earth-One and Earth-Two versions of this character.

His appearances nearly always involved some form of time travel, based around his particular specialty referred to as "time travel hypnosis", a process that simulated time travel. After years of using this method, he finally develops a "Time-Ray Machine" which he used to both displace and track objects through time.


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  • Professor Carter Nichols was created by Joe Samachson and Dick Sprang.
  • His first appearance was in Batman, Vol. 1 #24[1] (August 1944).
  • His last appearance was in World's Finest, Vol. 1 #138[2] (December, 1963).

External links


  1. Go to the DC Database for more on Batman, Vol. 1 #24 (August 1944)
  2. Go to the DC Database for more on World's Finest, Vol. 1 #138 (December, 1963)

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