Legion of Doom Team Member

Real name: Priscilla Rich[1]
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Hair: blond
Eyes: green
Relatives: Deborah Domaine (niece)
Apprentice: Kitten
Base: Hall of Doom
Affiliations: League of Evil
Legion of Doom
Rogue of: Wonder Woman
Weaponry: Sharp claws
Played by: Marlene Aragon[2]
Blaze Berdahl[3]
Clare Grant[4]
Pricilla Rich

Priscilla Rich

Cheetah is a supervillain who wears a cheetah costume, and utilizes claws as weapons. She is a member of the Legion of Doom and Wonder Woman's arch-nemesis.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-Two, Priscilla Rich was a blonde Washington, D.C. debutante of aristocratic upbringing. Priscilla's life of privilege had bred an overwhelming inferiority complex. She eventually suffered a psychotic break after being eclipsed by Wonder Woman at a charity event. Priscilla retreated to her room and collapsed before her makeup mirror. There she saw an image of a woman dressed like a cheetah. "Horrors!" she cried, as she gazed at her evil inner self for the first time. "Don't you know me?" replied the reflection. "I am the REAL you — the Cheetah — a treacherous, relentless huntress!" The image commanded her to fashion a Cheetah costume. The refection went on to tell her that "From now on, when I command you, you shall go forth dressed like your TRUE self and do as I command you..." This second personality, unlike her more reserved self, was strong and violent. It poisoned Priscilla's mind, eventually turning her into a twisted, malevolent being.[5]



  • Master Combatant
  • Sharp Claws: Can pierce through metal
  • Acrobatics: Skilled Gymnast
  • Stealth
  • Dancing: The Cheetah was a masterful dancer and once impressed Wonder Woman, Etta Candy and her slave girls with the "Dance of the Cheetah". Wonder Woman, in a vain act to appeal to the Cheetah's better nature, applauded her ability, citing that her skill could attract millions of admirers.[6]

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Expanded Team:
Doctor Natas



  • Unlike her counterpart in the comic books, the Cheetah in the Superfriends episodes seems to be something other than an ordinary woman. In "Wanted: the Superfriends" Luthor creates multiple copies of Bizarro and Cheetah from ordinary people with his Mutation Device (implying that she is a mutant (as DC would put it, a "metahuman")). However, compare this to "Secret Origins of the Superfriends" where she needs the Legion's "radar-controlled bracelets" to overcome Diana. (Note that the latter episode refers to Cheetah's "cat-like skills" while showing her winning a contest on the parallel bars.)
  • Cheetah first appeared in Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 #6 (Fall, 1943)[7]
  • Cheetah was created by Wonder Woman creator William Moulton Marston.
  • There have been four different Cheetahs since the character's premiere:
  • Priscilla Rich (the Golden Age Cheetah) - 1943
  • Deborah Domaine (the Bronze Age Cheetah) - 1980
  • Barbara Ann Minerva (the Modern Age and current Cheetah) - 1987[?]
  • Sebastian Ballesteros (a male usurper who briefly assumed the role in 2001)

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  1. This is her real name on Earth-Two. Her real name was not mentioned in the series. Her Earth-One counterpart was succeeded by her niece, Deborah Domaine.
  2. Marlene Aragon provided the voice of Cheetah throughout the entire Super Friends series.
  3. Blaze Berdahl provided the voice of the Earth-508 version of Cheetah.
  4. Clare Grant provided the voice of a parody version of Cheetah in Robot Chicken.
  5. This version of Cheetah is based on the Golden Age version.
  6. As revealed in Sensation Comics, Vol. 1 #22 (October, 1943), which can be found at the DC Database.
  7. Go to DC Database for more on Wonder Woman, Vol. 1 #6 published in Fall, 1943.

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