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Colonel Wilcox
Real name: Wilcox
Species: Human
Home Planet: Earth
Affiliations: U.S. Military
Voiced by: John Stephenson

Colonel Wilcox is a U.S. Army official.

He serves as the government liaison to the Justice League of America (aka the SuperFriends) during emergency situations.

As a liaison for the Secret Department of Investigation, he contacts the SuperFriends through the CDQ console in the Hall of Justice.

Colonel Wilcox office
Colonel Wilcox office[1]
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Agencies He Works For

Episode Appearances

More to Come!


He refers to the team members, not as the SuperFriends, but as the Justice League of America.


As he appeared in The Mysterious Moles
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In a very brief appearance in the episode The Mysterious Moles, the animators drew him to look very different. He even has a different voice.


  1. As seen in the Season 1 episode, Gulliver's Gigantic Goof
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