A flying saucer from the planet Mega.[1]

Mega (known to natives as Colu) is a planet some where in outer space. Millions of inhabitants were all killed in cataclysmic atomic wars, however one man survived, (along with a handful of others, as it would soon be discovered) the brilliant Professor Hecla, who built the android Brainiac, to travel to Earth and capture specimens from every species on Earth, so that Mega can be repopulated. Superman stops Brainiac, but time and time again Brainiac returned to challenge the Man of Steel and the rest of the Superfriends.


The planet Colu was ruled by the Computer Tyrants for aeons.[2] Hecla created Vril Dox[3], who was a genius even by Coluan standards. During this time there was terrible wars throughout the planet which supposedly wiped out all life on the planet.[4] This was highly exadurated however, as many no doubt survived, and rule under the Computer Tyrants continued.[5] For a while, Hecla had believed he was the only survivor, and he sent his creation; which called himself Brainiac, to other planets to repopulate Colu with animal specimens. He stole Kandor[6] from Krypton and years later encountered Superman on Earth, who stopped him from stealing specimens from Earth, such as elephants, lions and even the Man of Steel himself with Lois Lane.[7] Superman even saved Kandor from Brainiac,[8] before he had the chance to use the city to repopulate Colu.

Eventually Brainiac does return to Colu. Sometime in the late '60s, Brainiac created a biological clone of himself, that he named Vril Dox, after himself. This clone hated both his father and the Computer Tyrants, who had survived the wars. Vril Dox eventually left Colu and joined L.E.G.I.O.N., after liberating the population from the Computer Tyrants, and his robotic father Brainiac, returned to Earth, joining A.P.E. and later the Legion of Doom. The fate of Hecla remains unrevealed, but the Coluan race continued to exist, and eventually the population grew into the billions by the 30th century.

It is at this time, that Brainiac 5, a descendant of the original Brainiac is born, and as a teenager, he heads toward Earth, where he joins the ranks of the Legion of Super-Heroes, the superhero protectors of the galaxy.


The Megans had apparently developed some sophisticated technology. They developed a Hyper-Ray that was capable of shrinking any object it touched, and an Ultra ForceShield, which is an impenetrable force field.

They also possessed weapons of mass destruction, such as atomic weaponry, which nearly wiped their civilization out in the 20th century.


The New Adventures of Superman (1966):


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