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Continuity Similarities with Earth-1A and Earth-One

SuperFriends Comic Book Continuity

Writer E. Nelson Bridwell and the editors of the Super Friends (comic book) made frequent footnotes to events going on in the known DC Universe (Earth-One) comic books. What ended up happened is that fans realized that you could not fully merge the continuity, dubbed the SuperFriends Universe as Earth-1A. For incompatible "Earth-One" comic stories fans used the term "Earth-B" which either included DC's humor comics (like the Inferior Five)[1] or did not.[2] In any case serious incompatible "Earth-One" stories were assigned to Earth-Thirty-Two.

Because everything points to Earth-Thirty-Two being a hypertime reality it could (and most likely did) interact with Earth-One resulting in the inhabitants to "remember" events that may in fact not happened to them but to their counterparts. It certainly did interact with the hypertime reality Earth-Forty[3]

The following is a list of comics where Earth-Thirty-Two clearly interacted with either Earth-One or Earth-Forty, but are not part of the Superfriends comic book series. Due to the nature of hypertime it cannot be said if these events actually happened in the Superfriends canon or were simply "remembered" that way.

1. Super Friends #1 (November 1976):

2. Super Friends #7 (October 1, 1977):

  • Robin is absent and is said to be busy in:
  • This four-part story-arch is referenced:

3. Super Friends #8 (November 1, 1977):

4. Super Friends #14 (November 1, 1978):

5. Super Friends #17 (February 1, 1979) :

6. Super Friends #30 (March 1, 1980):

Super Powers Comics Continuity

Super Powers, Volume One (1984)

  1. Super Powers, Vol. 1 #1 (July 1984):


  1. Crisis on Infinite Earths: Absolute Edition
  2. Official Crisis on Infinite Earth Crossover Index put the humor comics on Earth-Twelve rather then part of Earth-B
  3. Giganta and Grodd "remembered" Giganta's origin of that Earth rather then the origin revealed in History of Doom.
  4. This issue is a part of the 8-issue story arc (Detective Comics, Vol. 1 #469-#476 (May 77' - April 78')) retroactively titled "Batman: Strange Apparitions", known for Steve Englehart and Marshall Rogers' now-classic portrayal of the Batman (also briefly featuring Walt Simonson).
  5. Carter Nichols first appeared in Batman Vol. 1 #24 (August 1944), which can be found at the DC Database.
  6. Crisis on Infinite Earths: Absolute Edition
  7. Giganta was revealed to not be a super evolved gorilla as she was on Earth-One and Earth-Two in "History of Doom".

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