Former Legion of Doom Member

Dr. Nataz
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Affiliations: The Legion of Doom
Voiced by: N/A

Dr. Nataz was a former member of the Legion of Doom that once nearly destroyed the Justice League of America with his invention, the Noxium crystal. His plans failed however, when he was defeated, and Superman seized the crystal and sealed it in a box made of Krypton steel, and buried it far below the Hall of Justice.


  • Dr. Nataz is unique to the SuperFriends Universe. He does not exist outside the series.
  • Dr. Nataz never appeared in any SuperFriends episodes, being only mentioned in the episode SuperFriends: Rest In Peace. His appearance is completely unknown. The episode make no mention if Natas is still alive.
  • A character named "Natas" is an enemy of Green Arrow in the comic books.
  • "Natas" spelled backward is "Satan."

Episode Reference


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Expanded Team:
Doctor Natas

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