The Doom Patrol
Doom Patrol
Official Name
Doom Patrol
Assembled by Niles Caulder

The Doom Patrol[1] is a team of superheroes lead by a wheelchair-bound man known as The Chief. Beast Boy was a member of this team before he became Changeling of the Teen Titans.[2]


Doom Patrol (Logo)


An aging wheelchair bound mad scientist known as the Chief (Niles Caulder), created a super-powered team of outcasts by arranging “accidents” on people with fantastic lives and ruining them by making them power-housed freaks, all so they’d have nothing to lose and go on suicide missions to prematurely save the world. Caulder’s first plan was to recreate the Robotman like the Mystery man from the 1940s via implanting a human brain in to a robot body, so he first caused a lab explosion destroying the body of a colleague and planning to put his brain in the robot but the colleague's brain was saved by his pet gorilla. Caulder refined his plan and struck three people...

  • Cliff Steele, an international sportsman and daredevil who Caulder had burned to a cinder by causing Cliff’s race car to crash. Chief used his scientific genius to transfer Steele’s brain into the robot body.
  • Rita Farr was a Hollywood starlet, and Olympic level swimmer. During filming of one of her movies Caulder exposed Rita to strange vapors that granted her the ability to alter her size at will. Her career in ruins, due to her mutation, she now fights alongside the Doom Patrol as Elasti-Girl.
  • Larry Trainor was once a U.S. Air Force test pilot – Caulder caused his jet's guidance systems to break down so he would fly an experimental suborbital aircraft into a stratospheric belt of radiation. Now existing as a living mummy, forced to wear special bandages to contain the radiation that has disfigured his body. As a side effect of the incident Trainor can become a being of pure energy by leaving his body as a black electrical like silhouette and return to his lifeless body and he calls this form the Negative Man.

The Chief motivated this Doom Patrol (them unaware that he caused their accidents). Bitter from being isolated from the world they use their powers for the greater good.


The Doom Patrol's headquarters is located in Midway City.

The Doom Patrol also used the Secret Sanctuary, and renovated it, using it as their headquarters for a time after the JLA left so that they could get a new spacebase.


The Chief

The Cheif The Chief, who is also known as Niles Caulder, is the leader of the team. He is a paraplegic who is a scientist and a genius. He is the one who brought the team together.


Elasti-Girl Elasti-Girl, who is also known as Rita Farr, is the wife of Mento and she has the ability to stretch and increase her size.


Robotman Robotman, who is also known as Cliff Steele, is a cyborg. He has super strength and near invulnerability.

Negative Man

Negative Man Negative Man, who is also known as Larry Trainor, was a test pilot for the U.S. Air Force, and he is a friend and colleague of Hal Jordan. Due to exposure to radiation, he has the ability to generate a "negative spirit", a radiation soul-like entity from his own body, which carries his consciousness in him while leaving his body as a husk. It can only be gone for sixty seconds. He can also project Heat Waves. He can fly and is intangible, so he can phase through solid objects.


Mental Helmet Mento is the husband of Rita Farr, a fellow member of the team. He is also the adopted father of Beast Boy. He possesses a Mental Helmet which gives him incredible Mental Powers.

Beast Boy

Beast Boy Beast Boy is the youngest member of the team. He is the adopted son of Mento and Elasti-Girl. He is no longer a member of the team, as he was last known to be in the Teen Titans, under the new alias of Changeling.


Tempest Tempest is in reality Joshua Clay, who has the ability to project energy from his hands.

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  1. The above image is taken from DC Super Friends # 22.
  2. The actual names of members is all conjecture based upon the DC Comics. The images are from DC Comics. In fact, the Doom Patrol was barely even indirectly referenced in the SFU. The closest references to them is the fact that Changeling is seen in the TV commercial about saying "no" to drugs, and also a reference to the metal known as Promethium in Destroy the Defendroids, which was invented by Doom Patrol member Mento.
  3. As seen on the back cover of Moonshot (1988).