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E-nelson-bridwell large E. Nelson Bridwell
Birthname: Edward Nelson Bridwell

Born: 1931

Birthplace: Sapulpa, Oklahoma

Died: January 23, 1987

E Nelson Bridwell by Dave Manak

Caricature of E. Nelson Bridwell by Dave Manak (c. 1976)

E. Nelson Bridwell (1931-1987) is a writer for DC Comics and a writer for Mad magazine.

He was inducted into the Oklahoma Cartoonists Hall of Fame in October of 2005.

Bridwell passed away on January 23rd, 1987.

Dick Giordano wrote a commemorative editoral for Bridwell which was published in the August 1987 issues of DC Comics.

Bridwell and the SuperFriends

He was the writer of the Super Friends comics from 1976-1981.

In the editorial notes and the side margins of the SuperFriends ComicBook, he refers to himself as the 'Big-E'.

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