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Earth-1A[1] is the unofficial name of the universe that the Super Friends live in.[2]

We have also learned from the SuperFriends Comic Book that the Justice League of America of this earth have made contact with the Justice Society of America of Earth-2A and have even shared some adventures together.[3]

Background Information

Writer E. Nelson Bridwell of the Super Friends (comic book) would do his best to tie in the comic book to known canon by footnotes referring to various DC Comics stories of the time. Eventually, DC Comics decided that the SuperFriends cartoons were not considered canon. So, fans figured it was probably set on its own Earth’ referring to it as Earth-1A, since it was so similar to the Pre-Crisis[4] Earth-One.[5]

However, the letter pages theorized the existence of an "Earth-B" which the Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium formally established as two separate realities: Earth-Twelve and Earth-Thirty-Two.

The Compendium also stated that Super Powers volumes 1-3 as well as the Super Powers Collection all happened on Earth-Thirty-Two

This continuity includes the comic books and the animated series (and perhaps any spin-off shows).

One of the most striking elements of this reality was that its heroes were absolute paragons of virtue, with no fault or flaws to speak of. They were incorruptible and wholly committed to helping others while preserving the doctrines of “truth, justice and peace for all mankind.”

Here are a few of the similarities between Earth-1A and Earth-One:

  • Most of the Heroes and Villains resembled the Silver Age / Earth-One Characters exactly
(Earth-One characters link directly to the DC Database wiki):
Silver Age / Earth One Earth-1A

Here are a few of the differences between Earth-1A and Earth-One:

In the Earth-One universe that existed at the time, he did not exist. Rather he was a native of a separate universe, Earth-S.[7]

Characters unique to this reality:

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  1. The designation, 'Earth-1A' is a fan-made description; because this universe shares much continuity with Earth-One, yet is distinctly different.
  2. The natives of Earth-1A refer to it as Earth-One. Although it is not the same Earth-One seen in the DC Comics at the time. The name is noted in the Super Friends comics and other comics set in the same continuity.
  3. The designation Earth-2A is fan-made name has given to justify the existence of the parallel universe of Earth-Two in the continuity of the SuperFriends Universe.
  4. Go to DC Database for more on Pre-Crisis.
  5. At the time of the show Earth-One was the mainstream earth in the comics. Go to DC Database for more on Earth-One.
  6. Captain Marvel is shown in the live action Superfriends special Legends of the Superheroes, establishing that he is most likely a native of Earth-1A. However, it is vaguely possible that he could have been visiting from another earth, perhaps an earth similar to Earth-S. But it seems more likely that he is from Earth-1A.
  7. Go to the DC Database for more on Earth-S.

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