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Earth-2A is the unofficial name of the universe that the Justice Society of America live in. The universe is very similar to the universe known as Earth-Two. In fact, the natives of that earth refer to it as Earth-Two.


Earth-Two-A (also known as Alternate Earth-Two) is a reality that had a mixture of Earth-Two and Earth-One elements. For example, Clark Kent worked for the Daily Planet under editor George Taylor who was replaced by editor Perry White in 1940, fought a bald Lex Luthor beginning in 1941, and demonstrated "super muscular control" which allowed him to contort his face into any form of disguise that he wished in 1942, but lost for undisclosed reasons in 1947.

Furthermore Superman would recall his Superboy career (which didn't happen on Earth-Two).

It is uncertain if the Justice Society as a group even existed in this reality though a variant of Max & Dave Fleischer Superman cartoons did and indicated that there was was no Holy Grail keeping this Superman from operating in Japan.

Background Information

According to The Official Crisis on Infinite Earths Index this Earth was originally named by E. Nelson Bridwell in the Superman Family letters page and was used to explain the discrepancies between Earth-Two events and those in the actual Golden Age comics.

Natives of Earth

Justice Society:


Natives of Krypton

  • Jor-L
  • Kal-L (formerly, but now a native of Earth)


  1. According to E. Nelson Bridwell, she was the counterpart of Wendy Harris.
  2. As seen in the Superman theatrical short The Mad Scientist.
  3. Seen in the Superman theatrical short The Bulleteers

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