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Earth-2A is the unofficial name of the universe that the Justice Society of America live in. The universe is very similar to the universe known as Earth-Two. In fact, the natives of that earth refer to it as Earth-Two.


Earth-2A's history is very similar to the history of Earth-Two.[1] The JLA's counterparts are the Justice Society. The Green Lantern of this earth is not named Hal Jordan, but rather Alan Scott, and although he has a power ring, he didn't get it from the Guardians of the Universe, as they apparently do not exist in this universe. There are differences with many other heroes as well. Superman is older than his Earth-1A counterpart, and has been active at least since the '40s.[2] Supergirl's counterpart is also older. Her name is Power Girl.

Sometime in the '60s or '70s, the JSA meet their JLA counterparts from the other earth, Earth-1A. They then become allies, and they even team up again for another adventure.[3]

Background Information

The name "Earth-2A" comes from the fan made nickname of the Superfriends universe, which is Earth-1A. That nickname was given since it was an earth that was similar to Earth-One, but not quite the same. Some of it's history is exactly the same.

Natives of Earth

Justice Society:


Natives of Krypton

  • Jor-L
  • Kal-L (formerly, but now a native of Earth)


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  4. According to E. Nelson Bridwell, she was the counterpart of Wendy Harris.
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