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Earth-Thirty-Two was most likely[1] the official name for the universe the Super Friends lived in.

One of the most striking elements of this reality was that its heroes were absolute paragons of virtue, with no fault or flaws to speak of. They were incorruptible and wholly committed to helping others while preserving the doctrines of “truth, justice and peace for all mankind.”

Naming the universe

  • Note, this portion of the article is to be understood from the real world perspective.

The naming of the universe of the Super Friends franchise is a bit complicated. When the Super Friends comic first came out, E. Nelson Bridwell wanted the setting to be Earth-One. There were multiple references to other comics that were clearly set on that Earth, and there were even stories that firmly named it Earth-One. However later episodes of Super Friends and also DC books made it impossible for the Super Friends to exist in that Earth, which at the time was the mainstream world of the DC Multiverse. One thing is for sure though, that the Super Friends consider their Earth Earth-One, no matter what otherworlders call it.

Because of the obvious fact that the two Earths were in different universes, many fans began calling the universe that the Super Friends franchise took place in Earth-1A, to show that it's like Earth-One, with a few differences. Indeed, especially when the Superman series came out, the franchise was even taking on some Post-Crisis concepts, which would have been impossible on the real Earth-One. Also, some of the Super Friends comics and Super Powers comics from overseas were actually reprints of Post-Crisis stories, and if we're to assume they are part of the canon, then they couldn't be the real Earth-One. Regardless of the official name however, the Earth being referred to as Earth-One is definite, but it's clearly not the same Earth-One.

Where the official name comes from is the book Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium. It refers to the Super Powers franchise as taking place on Earth-Thirty-Two. The DC Challenge is also labeled as existing on that Earth. Since we already know that the Super Powers products were based on the Super Friends series, we can only assume that this means that the entirety of the Super Friends franchise does indeed take place on Earth-Thirty-Two, unless we are to believe that the Super Powers franchise is separate, which seems unlikely. Still, there are some inconsistencies to note, for example, according to the book, Hawkman # 22 (November 1967) is part of this Earth, because there was a slight difference, as everyone seem to know Hawkman and Hawkgirl's secret identity in that book, which contradicted other comics. However, that also contradicts the Filmation cartoons. And unless the Filmation cartoons aren't canon we can't really take such a thing seriously too much. However, Volume 3 of the Super Powers comics also has a number of contradictions from the cartoon episodes. Tom Scioli's Super Powers comics from Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye also have a number of inconsistencies. Still, both should be treated as canon; since they both are every bit as valid.

For example, the information about Rayna in the Super Powers comics contradicts the information about her in the Super Friends comics. For one thing, she has a different name, among other things. Read the Rua article as an example of how to write an article like that. Originally this fandom wiki used the designation Earth-1B to describe volume three of the Super Powers comics. As this is just too complicated, and the dissimilarities aren't enough to matter, we have made that a redirect page.

There are some clear and obvious universes that are different from Earth-Thirty-Two, such as the various Earths seen in the DC Super Friends franchise, or the Super Powers! comics. Those are totally different Earths, but just because of contradictions here and there, we shouldn't automatically assume that something isn't canon, or that one thing is more canon over the other. Most of the material can be worked in, without trying to say it happened on another Earth.

Here are a few of the similarities between Earth-1A and Earth-One:

  • Most of the Heroes and Villains resembled the Silver Age / Earth-One Characters exactly
(Earth-One characters link directly to the DC Database wiki):
Silver Age / Earth One Earth-1A

Here are a few of the differences between Earth-1A and Earth-One:

In the Earth-One universe that existed at the time, he did not exist. Rather he was a native of a separate universe, Earth-S.[3]

Characters unique to this reality:

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  1. See reason why I say "most likely" in the "naming the universe" article.
  2. Captain Marvel is shown in the live action Superfriends special Legends of the Superheroes, establishing that he is most likely a native of Earth-1A. However, it is vaguely possible that he could have been visiting from another earth, perhaps an earth similar to Earth-S. But it seems more likely that he is from Earth-1A.
  3. Go to the DC Database for more on Earth-S.

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