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Earth-Thirty-Two / Earth 1A

Earth-Thirty-Two is most likely[1] the official name for the universe the Super Friends lived in.

One of the most striking elements of this reality was that its heroes were absolute paragons of virtue, with no fault or flaws to speak of. They were incorruptible and wholly committed to helping others while preserving the doctrines of “truth, justice and peace for all mankind.”

Naming the universe

  • Note, this portion of the article is to be understood from the real world perspective.

The naming of the universe of the Super Friends franchise is a bit complicated. When the Super Friends comic first came out, E. Nelson Bridwell wanted the setting to be Earth-One. There were multiple references to other comics that were clearly set on that Earth, and there were even stories that firmly named it Earth-One. However later episodes of Super Friends and also DC books made it impossible for the Super Friends to exist in that Earth, which at the time was the mainstream world of the DC Multiverse. One thing is for sure though, that the Super Friends consider their Earth Earth-One, no matter what otherworlders call it.

Because of the obvious fact that the two Earths were in different universes, fans used the name Earth-1A while Bob Rozakis suggested the name Earth-B[2] for the universe that the Super Friends franchise took place in.

Some people included DC's humor comics (like the the Inferior Five) as part of Earth-B[3] while others listed it as a separate reality called Earth-Twelve.[4] In any case E. Nelson Bridwell was the writer of the Super Friends comic series which clearly put it on "Earth-B" and since it tied into the Super Friends (TV Series) that also took place on "Earth-B". Finally, Super Powers comics volumes 1-3 were formally assigned Earth-Thirty-Two it stands to reason the entire Super Friends occurred on Earth-Thirty-Two.

Since stories that happened after Crisis were assigned to Earth-Thirty-Two (including DC Challenge #5–12 and Batman: The Last Angel, 1994) it would appear that Earth-Thirty-Two was not part of the "original" multiverse but part of the hypertime multiverse.

As a hypertime reality Earth-Thirty-Two would be subject to distortions and alterations as it interacted with the "main" DC reality and other hypertime realties (such as Earth-Forty[5]). It certainly would explain inconsistencies within and between seasons (like the Legion of Doom and Superfriends forgetting all the time travel and extra dimensional means at their disposable when the Legion destroys the Earth in an attempt to take it over) as well as the comics.

For example, the information about Rayna in the Super Powers comics contradicts the information about her in the Super Friends comics. For one thing, she has a different name, among other things. Read the Rua article as an example of how to write an article like that. Originally this fandom wiki used the designation Earth-1B to describe volume three of the Super Powers comics but since Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium stated that it was part of Earth-Thirty-Two, we have made that a redirect page.

Continuity With 'Other' Universes

Here are a few of the similarities between Earth-1A and Earth-One

  • Most of the Heroes and Villains resembled the Silver Age / Earth-One Characters exactly
(Earth-One characters link directly to the DC Database wiki):
Silver Age / Earth One Earth-1A

Earth-1A effectively merged the histories of Earth-One and Earth-Two

(Earth-Two characters link directly to the DC Database wiki):
Silver Age / Earth One Earth-1A

Earth-1A effectively merged the histories of Earth-One and Earth-S

Characters Created for This Reality:

To date a few of these characters have been recreated for various TV shows (links below are external).
From the DCAU Universe, we have:

From the Young Justice Universe we have:

Earth 1B

Earth-1B was the unofficial designation of the universe that the Super Powers Vol. 3 (1986) takes place in. The Crisis on Infinite Earths: The Compendium assigned these stories to Earth-Thirty-Two which seems to be a hypertime reality. Furthermore, CoIEAE has an "Earth-B2" which refers back to a Earth-Forty-Six which has no listing in the index so how it figures in all this is unknown though the name suggests something similar to "Earth-B".

List of similarities

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