SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Elongated Man
Real name: Ralph Dibny
Species: Metahuman
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Blonde
Affiliations: Justice League of America
Abilities: Stretch and shape his body

Justice League of America Team Member

Elongated Man is a superhero and a member of the Super Friends.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Ralph Dibny is a teenage contortionist. He learned that all of the body-benders he spoke with drank a popular soda called "Gingold."

At a young age, Ralph set to work learning chemistry and developed a super-concentrated extract of the rare "gingo" fruit of the Yucatan, which gave him his elasticity.

He was one of the few heroes to reveal his secret identity to the public, and also one of the first to marry his love interest. He and his wife Sue Dibny effectively became partners, solving mysteries and participating in the Justice League adventures as equals. They were also notable in having a stable, happy, and relatively trouble-free marriage.[1]

Continuity from SuperFriends Comic Book

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Powers and Abilities


  • Elasticity: As his name suggests, the Elongated Man can stretch his limbs and body to super-human lengths and sizes. These stretching powers grant the Elongated Man heightened agility enabling him flexibility and coordination that is beyond the natural limits of the human body. He can contort his body into various positions and sizes impossible for ordinary humans, such as being entirely flat so that he can slip under a door, or using his fingers to pick conventional locks. He can also use it for disguise by changing the shape of his face, although this is painful and difficult for him.
  • Enhanced Durability: The Elongated Man's powers also greatly augments his durability. He is largely able to withstand corrosives, punctures and concussions without sustaining injury. It has been demonstrated that he is resistant to high velocities that would kill an ordinary person and that he is also more resistant to blasts from energy weapons that would kill ordinary humans.


  • Master Detective: The Elongated Man is professionally trained as a detective and is highly skilled in deductive reasoning. Often considered one of the most brilliant detectives world (second only to Batman and perhaps the Question), his name is also a play on The Thin Man detective serial.
  • Skilled Chemist: He is a talented amateur chemist as well.
  • Multingual: Ralph Dibny is a native English speaker, but can also speak French. He can understand Interlac well enough to translate.


Elasticity Vulnerability: Ralph's physiology has greater physical limitations than Plastic Man; there is a limit to how far he can stretch his finite bodily mass. His physiology is more like that of an ordinary human than Plastic Man and as a result he does not share Plastic Man's nigh invulnerability.

He also needs to semi-regularly drink Gingold in order to maintain his elasticity.


  • Gingold formula

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SuperFriends Comic Book:


  • The Elongated Man never appeared on the series. He only appeared in the comic book.
  • His first appearance was in The Flash, Vol. 1, #112[2] (May 12, 1960).
  • He was partially created by Julius Schwartz, who noted he only created the character because he didn't realize DC Comics had acquired Plastic Man in 1956.
  • His first television appearance was in the animated TV series, Justice League Unlimited (2004-2006).

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Appearances in Other Media

ElongatedmanDCAU Elongated Man Elongated Man, is actually Ralph Dibny and was a member of the Justice League after the Thanagarian invasion. Like fellow League member Plastic Man, he had the ability to stretch his body to tremendous lengths — a fact that may have created something of a rivalry between the two. In addition to his powers of elasticity, Ralph is also a skilled detective; as such, he has sometimes likened himself to a combination of Plastic Man and Batman.

This version of Elongated Man is based on the Justice League Unlimited animated series produced for the Cartoon Network from 2004-2006.
- For more on Elongated Man see article at 'DCAU'


  1. Background Information is from Silver Age continuity.
  2. Go to the DC Database for more on The Flash, Vol. 1, #112 published in May of 1962.

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