Evil Animals[1]

The Evil Animals were a trio of supervillains that possessed an animal ray, which was a device capable of transforming humans into animals. They apparently used it on themselves and transformed themselves into a polar bear, elephant and tiger. They became animal activists and infiltrated a circus and tried to enslave the humans there, so as to end the humans domination over the world, and make way for a new Animal Kingdom, which they meant to enslave all of the world under this new government.

They had a Hypnotic ray, which they used to hypnotize people, and they also even temporarily gained control of Superman and Wonder Woman, by transforming them into Super Animals. Superman was transformed into a lion, and Wonder Woman into a Zebra. They also gained control over the Wonder Twins with their mind control ray until Gleek snapped them out of it, and they saved the day, and stopped this team of villains.

Members of the team


Super Friends


  1. As seen in Circus of Horrors.

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