Falling Red Star

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Swamp Thing and Anton Arcane both learn of a nuclear-powered satellite that's fallen out of orbit and which will soon land in the swamp. Both hurry to the crash site, respectively to keep the damage to the environment to a minimum and to drain the nuclear power cell before a government team arrives to secure the area.

Arcane manages to drain the nuclear power from the satellite, and to keep Swamp Thing from pursuing him uses his mutation torpedo on Bayou Jack, turning him into a praying mantis monster who attacks Swamp Thing. Eventually Swamp Thing and Tomahawk manage to trap Jack and bring him back to Swamp Thing's lair. There they use a giant venus fly trap Swamp Thing's created to drain the mutagen from Jack's body and return him to normal.

Meanwhile Arcane has transferred the nuclear power into his Transducer and his Un-Men are now deadlier than ever with the power to emit radioactive bolts. They easily defeat Swamp Thing but he and his allies escape when Tomahawk pulls Arcane into a pit, and he demands that the Un-Men come to save him. Swamp Thing then sets a trap by having Tomahawk and Bayou Jack pretending to fix a supposedly broken Bog Rover (giving the Un-Men the idea that they won't be able to escape if attacked).

The villains fall for it and are captured and taken to Swamp Thing's venus fly trap which drains the nuclear energy from their bodies, which Swamp Thing then transfers back into the satellite. Shortly afterward a government team arrives and safely recovers the satellite.


  • The praying mantis Un-Man Bayou Jack turns into is based on the figure that came with the Transducer toy.

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