Frankenstein monsters

Frankenstein monsters are man-made, unnatural living beings made from the body parts of various corpses and energized by some sort of a machine that brings them to life. The first monster to be referred to as a Frankenstein monster was created by Victor Frankenstein, which is where the name "Frankenstein" came from.

They are not considered androids, because they are not in anyway robotic or artificial lifeforms, they are actual living beings with feelings and emotions. But at the same time, they are not natural. They walk and move similar to the way Zombies do except unlike Zombies, who just mindlessly walk around killing people, Frankenstein monsters actually are conscious as to what is going on, and in most cases, they have free will, and can choose whether to do bad or good.

Over the years, there have been several films made that are based upon Frankenstein monsters, such as, for an example, the film called Frankenstein 2000 Meets the She Wolf, a movie that involves a fictional character called Frankenstein 2000, that takes on a Werewolf known as the She Wolf.

Known Frankenstein monsters


The World’s Greatest Super Friends

The Plastic Man Comedy/Adventure Show

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