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Gentleman Ghost
Real name: James Craddock
AKA: Jim Craddock
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Abilities: turn incorporeal
Voiced by: Alan Oppenheimer

Gentleman Ghost is a ghost supervillain. He's one of the Super Friends' most dangerous foes. His assistant is named Gruth.


James Craddock was born in 1835, he came to be known as James "Gentleman Jim" Craddock, a ruthless and murderous highway man[1] who was hanged for his crimes in 1871, but not before vowing revenge on the world of the living.

One hundred years later, in 1971, he came back as an evil spirit, plotting on taking over the world, only to be stopped by Superman and Wonder Woman, who returned him to the grave in 1972. But five years later, he would return once again, and this time he was defeated by all of the Super Friends.

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



  • Nth Metal: Although he is a ghost and can become completely intangible, the Gentleman Ghost can still be affected by Nth Metal.
  • Power Limitation: He unable to touch or be touched by virgins. However, he can pick up a real weapon and can harm them with one.
  • Noble Blood: Any person of royal lineage is able to attack and banish the Gentleman Ghost to the afterlife, as shown by the defeat by Wildcat.

Episode Appearance


  • In the comics, Gentleman Ghost started out as an enemy of Hawkman. Since Hawkman wasn't featured in the episode with him, it's unclear as to how or if they are enemies at all in the Earth-1A / SuperFriends universe.

Appearances in Other Media


  1. A highwayman was a robber who preyed on travelers, particularly one who traveled by horse. The word highwayman is believed to be used first in the year 1617.
  2. This power was only seen in the Super Friends series, and was never displayed in the comics.

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