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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Gnome 1
Species: Human and
Elemental Spirit
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: brown
Affiliations: Elementals
Abilities: Superstrength
Gnome 2

Grant in the Sandor's hooded brown costume.

The Gnome was summoned by Sandor Fane aka the The Overlord to inhabit the body of Gotham City socialite Grant Arden. Grant was a chemical engineer and founder of Arden Chemicals. Sandor also created a hooded, brown costume for Grant to wear. This costume was not conceived well.  

Background Information

Grant Arden:
One night at a dinner party with Mr. Wayne, Grant, Crystal Marr, Jeannine Gale, Ginger O’Shea, and Sandor Fane and others were talking about Sandor's studies on Paracelsus and his studies of Alchemy. He told them he had discovered a way of summoning the four spirits of the elements.

After dinner, Bruce took off to protect the city and Sandor kidnapped Grant, Jeannine, Crystal, and Ginger to test his theory of inhabiting with the spirits of the elements. Grant was inhabited by the Gnome, who had control over the Earth and rocks.

Sandor Fane aka the Overlord tells the elementals about the SuperFriends and how they were evil. After hearing this, the elementals decide to put an end to the SuperFriends. The Overlord then gave them costume's to hide their hosts identities, and then stationed each one of them at a location for each member of the SuperFriends to face.

Grant was stationed in Metropolis and his target was Superman. Due to his ill-conceived costume, he was having trouble fighting; because it was not compatible with his body. He eventually figured out that he could create the man of steel's one weakness, Kryptonite. Superman became overwhelmed until he managed to knock Grant out. Superman then removed his mask, and was shocked to see who it was.

Soon all the elementals are subdued by the SuperFriends who eventually decide to help them become heroes. Back a the Hall of Justice, Ginger creates a costume for each one of them that reacts with their powers.

The Overlord broadcasts that he would attack selected locations each residing with the four elements. He then went with Superman to stop the meteorites. Upon completion of the mission, the pair returned to the Hall of Justice.

The Elemental Gnome:
A gnome is a diminutive chthonic (subterranean) spirit, that is two spans high, and very taciturn.[1]      


Inhabited by the elemental Gnome, Grant has:



  • The word is Gnome apparently coined by Swiss alchemist Paracelsus.
  • The word is from Renaissance Latin gnomus.
  • Paracelsus uses Gnomi as a synonym of Pygmæi.
  • Paracelsus is perhaps deriving the term from Latin gēnomos (itself representing a Greek γη-νομος, literally "earth-dweller". In this case, the omission of the ē is, as the OED calls it, a blunder. Alternatively, the term may be an original invention of Paracelsus.
  • Paracelsus includes gnomes in his list of elementals, as earth elementals.
  • He describes them as two spans high, and very taciturn.

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  1. Lewis, C S (1964). The Discarded Image: An Introduction to Medieval and Renaissance Literature. Cambridge University Press. p. 135. ISBN 0-521-47735-2.

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