Golden Pharoah
Real name: Ashley Halberstam
AKA: Golden Pharaoh
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1B
Hair: none
Eyes: blue
Base: London
Affiliations: Super Powers Team
Weaponry: Staff
Voiced/Played: N/A

Golden Pharaoh is a superhero who in reality is British Egyptologist Ashley Halberstam.

Earth-1A History

History of the characters is not known.

Earth-1B History

On the parallel-universe of Earth-1B, Ashley Halberstam is a British Egyptologist.

While on an expedition in Giza, he was struck by a bolt of energy emanating from the New Gods. This bolt of energy awakened his latent superpowers. Calling himself "Golden Pharaoh", he became a superhero. As it turned out, the energy that had engulfed him emanated from a laboratory on New Genesis. Halberstam now possessed the Power of the Pyramids, as channeled through his magical pyramid staff.

Powers and Abilities


Super Powers, Volume Three (1986):

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  • The Golden Pharaoh is exclusive to the continuity of Earth-1B.
  • The Golden Pharaoh was created exclusively for the Super Powers Collection line of action figures.
  • The Golden Pharaoh appeared in the third Super Powers series (1986).