Real name: Grant
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Relatives: Grant's father
Grant's mother
Base: Metropolis
Voiced/Played:  ???

Grant was a young boy from Metropolis who was playing in the mountains outside of the city with his dog named Moosie, when they were both attacked by a large grizzly bear. The boy got away safely, but his dog was killed. The loss of his dog caused the boy great depression and mental trauma. Because of this, he had lost the ability to walk, despite that there was no physical damage. Now he was bound to a wheelchair. Superman decided to cheer him up by giving him a tour of the city in the sky. He even came up with a scheme to get the boy to walk again, by making it appear he was endangered by Green Kryptonite, but unknown to the boy, it was Fake Kryptonite. In order to "save" Superman, Grant had no choice but to get to his feet again to grab the rock and throw it out of range.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers







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