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Filmation Character
Guardians of the Universe
Guardians of the Universe
AKA: Guardians
Species: Maltusian; Oan
Homeworld: Oa
originally from Maltus
Universe: Earth-1A

The Guardians of the Universe are the operating authority of the Green Lantern Corps, whose headquarters is the Oan Citadel, located on the Oan homeworld.

The guardians originated on the planet Maltus, but they left their Maltusian brothers behind to found the Green Lantern Corps on the planet Oa.

Bacground Information

In the parallel-universe of Earth-One, the Maltusians were scientists and thinkers, experimenting on the worlds around them.

In a pivotal moment, billions of years ago, a Maltusian named Krona used time-bending technology to observe the beginning of the Universe. However, this experiment, and later attempts to stop it, unleashed disaster upon all existence. Originally, the experiment splintered the Universe into the Multiverse and created the evil Antimatter universe of Qward.

Feeling responsible for this, the evolved Maltusians relocated to the planet Oa (at "the center of the Universe") and became the Guardians. Their goal was simple: combat evil and create an orderly universe. And they acted quickly on that goal.

During this period they slowly evolved into their current appearance, losing about half of their height and having their skulls grow larger. They now act as the leaders of the Green Lantern Corps, an interstellar police force which patrols the universe.

Powers and Abilities





From the Filmation Series: DC Superheroes as part of The Superman/Aquaman Hour of Adventure (1967 to 1968):

  • Evil is as Evil Does


  • The Guardians of the Universe first appeared in Green Lantern, Vol. 2 #1 (August 1960).[1]
  • They were created by John Broome and Gil Kane.


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