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SuperFriends Team Member

Green Lantern
Real name: Hal Jordan
AKA: Colonel Hal Jordan
Species: Human
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
Apprentice: Kyro‎
Base: Sector 2814
Hall of Justice
Coast City
Affiliations: SuperFriends
Green Lantern Corps
Ferris Aircraft
U.S. Air Force
Rogue of: Sinestro (arch-enemy)
Abilities: Energy constructs
Weaponry: Power ring
Voiced/Played: Michael Rye
Hal Jordan Gallery
Hal Jordan

Hal Jordan

Green Lantern, aka Hal Jordan is a superhero within the JLA whose power ring gives him incredible powers. His powers are useless against anything colored yellow.


Earth-1A Continuity

Test pilot Hal Jordan was summoned by the Green Lantern of Earth's sector, Abin Sur. Abin's ship had crashed on Earth and he was dying, so he needed to pass his ring and his battery of power on to someone worthy of the name Green Lantern. And so he passed it on to Jordan, who became Green Lantern of Earth's sector.

Origin of Green Lantern01:25

Origin of Green Lantern

The Origin of Green Lantern

In a notable SuperFriends episode which focused on the "lesser Superfriends", Lex Luthor, Cheetah and Sinestro use time travel to weaken the team. Green Lantern, being one of the "greater Superfriends", was targeted (along with Superman and Wonder Woman). Lex Luthor traveled back to the day Abin Sur was looking for a successor. Luthor convinces Col. Jordan his life is in danger and instead is carried off by Abin Sur's green beam, thus Luthor becomes the Green Lantern instead. The damaged timeline is corrected when Black Vulcan, The Flash and Batman also go back in time to thwart Luthor and ensure Jordan fulfills his destiny of being the Green Lantern, thus saving their teammate.

Earth-One Continuity

On the parallel-universe of Earth-One, Hal Jordan was a test pilot who became a member of the Green Lantern Corps who are under the watchful eye of the Guardians. In this role he was the Intergalactic Space Patrolman for Earth Sector 2814. It was not long before he also became one of the co-founders of the Justice League of America.

Hal and Oliver Queen are good friends, often adventuring together. His occasional love-interest was Carol Ferris, who sadly was also his nemesis, Star Sapphire.[1]

Continuity From His Filmation Appearances

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Hal and GL Filmation

Power Ring, which can (to name a few):

The ring is ineffective against anything colored yellow.[2]

It must also be recharged at Green Lantern's power battery every 24 hours to remain functional.

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  • Like the recreation of the Golden Age Flash for the Silver Age version, Schwartz wanted a new version of Green Lantern to have a different secret identity, origin, and personality than his 1940s counterpart. He enlisted writer John Broome and artist Gil Kane, who in 1959 would reintroduce Green Lantern to the world in Showcase vol. 1, #22[3] (September-October 1959).


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  1. The Background Information is from the Silver Age continuity of the character.
  2. Although there has been some instances, which were likely mistakes on the animator's part, in which this wasn't the case.
  3. Go to the DC Database for more on Showcase vol. 1, #22
  4. As seen in The Challenge, episode one of Legends of the Superheroes.

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