The sun shining over Dairy Land, which generates intense heat.[1]

In physics and chemistry, heat is energy transferred from one body to another by thermal interactions. The transfer of energy can occur in a variety of ways, among them conduction, radiation, and convection. Heat is not a property of a system or body, but instead is always associated with a process of some kind, and is synonymous with heat flow and heat transfer.

Wonder Woman's heat barrier is made of super heat.[2]

When Kolbar used his solar robot to move the Earth closer to the sun, this caused a massive heatwave all over the world that caused a lot of problems all over the world, including the melting of ice in the Arctic Circle, which endangered a Eskimo village.[3]

The heat of a volcanic fissure in Molesville made it impossible for the Mole family to go near the diamonds that were laying around it, because the heat was too intense.[4]

Mr. Vanderbulge told Doctor Gulliver that the glass that contained his star sapphire was impervious to heat.[5]

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