Helen of Troy

Hector and Helen, two birds that were named after Hector of Troy and Helen of Troy.[1]

Helen of Troy was the daughter of Zeus. According to history and mythology, it was her abduction that started the famous Trojan War.

Helen was Doctor Pelagian's pet albatross that he had named after her. He also had a bird named Hector, who he had named after Hector of Troy.[2]


In the form of a swan, the king of gods was chased by an eagle, and sought refuge with a woman named Leda. The swan gained her affection, and the two mated. Leda then produced an egg, from which Helen emerged. Sometime in Helen's youth, she is abducted by a couple of Athenians. This is what begins the Trojan War.

In the comics

In DC Comics, the Silver Swan was named after Helen of Troy.[3]


Super Friends


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