Filmation Character
Herc 2
Real name: Hercules
Species: Human / Immortal Hybrid[1]
Homeworld: Earth
Universe: Earth-S
Relatives: Zeus (father)
Base: Rock of Eternity
Affiliations: Space Sentinels
Freedom Force
Immortal Elders
Abilities: Super strength, Invulnerability, Immortality
Voiced/Played: George DiCenzo and
Bob Denison


Hercules (or "Herc" for short) is the son of Zeus and a superhero who was a member of the Space Sentinels and the Freedom Force.

Superman's super strength has been compared to the strength of Hercules.[2]


Many centuries ago, Hercules was born to Zeus and a human mother, and he was raised on Earth. Being half human-half-Olympian, Hercules was very strong, and virtually invulnerable, but since he was only half Olympian, he wasn't nearly as powerful as the Gods of Caltos. For example, he wasn't immortal.

That is, not until a few years later, when the cosmic computer entity known as Sentinel One transported three young Earthlings to his domain, granting them astounding powers and eternal youth.[3] Hercules was among those young Earthlings. Hercules and the others later become superheroes and call themselves the Space Sentinels.

At some point Hercules joins another superhero group called the Freedom Force.

Hercules is also a member of the council of Immortal Elders, imparting his super strength to the agents of Shazam, and also giving young Billy Batson guidance on occasion.

Hercules' steed

Hercules faithful steed is the winged horse Pegasus.

Background Information

Hercules is obviously based on the mythical character of the same name. He was, as the myths tell, half man, half god, or Demigod. He was the son of Zeus and Alcmena. In DC Comics, he first appeared in All Star Comics # 8 (December 1941), as a supporting character of Wonder Woman. He was also one of the mythological figures in which Captain Marvel drew power from when speaking the word "Shazam." (Particularly super strength) There was also another version of Hercules in DC Comics that appeared in the 1975 comic Hercules Unbound, which featured a Hercules in a post-apocalyptic future.

Powers and Abilities

Super powers



Space Sentinels (TV series) (1977):


  • In Space Sentinels he is portrayed as being somewhat juvenile in his personality, (even though he was centuries old) whereas in the Freedom Force he's portrayed far more like the traditional modern interpretation of the mythical Hercules. And he seems far wiser, much like he is portrayed in Shazam!.
  • Although the character of Hercules did appear in the live-action Shazam! series, he was never seen in live-action, as he was shown as an animated character.

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  1. In the Earth-1A universe these immortals are Olympians from the planet Caltos
  2. In the episode Lava Men, Superman's strength is described as "Herculean" by the narrator.
  3. This seems to indicate that since he was only half-Olympian, he didn't possess the eternal youth and immortality that other full blooded Olympians do. His eternal youth was given to him by Sentinel One.

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