Marvin and Wendy watching a program about American History[1]

History is a science that involves the study of events that happened in the past. This can be the study of humanity's history, or anything else's history. History is constantly being re-written, as further studies about the past reveal new truths not previously realized.

At times, historical facts may be hard to determine, since certain literary sources may contain contradictory information, for example, most accounts indicate that Kal-El was sent to Earth already born, in a space ark, while one inexplicable account states that he was sent in a birth matrix, and wasn't born until he was on Earth.[2]

A person who travels through time has the ability to change history, by altering past events and creating an alternate timeline.

Marvin White was once watching an educational program on G.E.E.C. TV, and he learns that fourth grade history teaches that America was discovered by Christopher Columbus.[3]

Mr. Mergen blamed man's history for the conditions of the world. Because man continues to repeat the mistakes made by men in the past.[4]

The Raven described the Washington Monument as a building "rich in tradition and history."[5]

Auxiliary sciences of history


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