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The Huntress is a superhero, and an ally (or possibly member) of the Justice League of America.

Background Information

In the year 1957 on the parallel-dimension known as Earth-Two, aging hero Bruce Wayne and his wife, Selina Kyle (the former criminal known as Catwoman) gave birth to a daughter named Helena. She grew up enjoying the benefits of being in a wealthy household. She was amazed to learn that her father was Batman. As a young girl, she embraced Dick Grayson as her older brother and looked to the Wayne's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, as a second father. After finishing school, she joined the law firm of Cranston and Grayson.

In 1976, desiring retribution for the death of her mother, she created a costume for herself, and fashioned some weapons from her parents' equipment (including her eventual trademark, a crossbow). After accomplishing this, Helena decided to continue to fight crime, under the code name "the Huntress."[2]

Powers and Abilities

  • Above Average Strength: Helena Wayne possessed the physical strength of a woman her age, size and weight who engaged in intensive physical exercise.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced): In the prime of her costumed crime-fighting career, Helena Wayne was in peak physical condition and possessed great agility, and was extremely proficient in hand-to-hand combat.
  • Archery: The Huntress was an expert marksman with a crossbow.
  • Law: At age twenty-one, Helena graduated top of her class and was class valedictorian from Harvard University; becoming an expert in all areas pertaining to civil and criminal law.


Various devices she carried in a utility belt.


Mini-Crossbow: The Huntress employed a miniature crossbow, which she usually fastened to the side of her boot, as well as various explosive devices.

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Legends of the Superheroes (1979)


  • The Huntress first appears in DC Super Stars, vol. 1 #17 (November-December 1977),[3] which told her origin.
  • She was created by Paul Levitz and Joe Staton.
  • The Huntress' affiliation with the Justice Society of America is established in All Star Comics, vol. 1 #69 (December 1977).[4]
  • The Huntress is featured in both segments of NBC's live-action, Legends of the Superheroes (1979); thus appearing to be a native of Earth-1A. There was no mention of her being from another earth.
  • In the comic books, Huntress is shown to be a Golden-Age character, from Earth-Two; and has no counterpart on Earth-One.
  • In her Earth-1A appearance, her secret identity was never revealed. On Earth-Two, she is Helena Wayne, daughter of Bruce Wayne. It seems unlikely that would be the case on Earth-1A, since she would have to be Bruce Wayne's daughter and there has never been any suggestion that he has a daughter, nor was it implied in the episodes she appeared in. Nevertheless there's no way to know for sure.


  • Two different sources are often cited as the first appearance of the Huntress. Her origin appearance takes place in flashback in DC Super-Stars, Vol. 1 #17 (December, 1977), but her first physical appearance is in All-Star Comics, Vol. 1 #69 (November, 1977).

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Other Versions

Huntress DCAU The Huntress Helena Bertinelli was the daughter of mobster Franco Bertinelli. As a child, she saw her mother and father murdered by Steven Mandragora, who lusted for power. Years later, after the Thanagarian invasion, she would become the Huntress, and join the Justice League. Her membership was short lived, however. She was fired after she tracked down and attempted to kill Mandragora in his sleep. Although no longer a part of the league, she continued to work along side them on several instances.

This version of the Huntress is based on the Justice League Unlimited animated series produced for the Cartoon Network from 2004-2006.
- For more on The Huntress see article at 'DCAU'


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  2. Background information is from the Earth-Two version of the character.
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  4. Go to DC Database for more on All Star Comics, vol. 1 #69 (December 1977)

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