Lois Lane is shocked to see that the water waves she had been surfing on have transformed into solid ice.[1]


Superman uses his heat ray vision to thaw a ship frozen in ice.[2]

Ice is the frozen form of water. Snow is ice in crystalline form. Many Metahumans and aliens have the ability to create ice with their super powers. This ability is usually referred to as cryokinesis. Some supervillains possess guns that can shoot rays of ice. These are weapons are usually called Freeze guns. Superman's Super breath can also become cold and freeze objects in ice. This is called Freeze breath, Arctic breath and a number of other names. The superhero known as Zan has the ability to transform into ice.

Icy locations

Characters with Cryokinetic powers/Characters who use ice

Ice types and formations

Ice technology


  1. As seen in The Abominable Iceman.
  2. As seen in The Abominable Iceman.


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