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SuperFriends Comic Book Character
Real Name  Sigrid Nansen
Species  Metahuman
Homeworld  Earth
Universe  Earth-1A
Hair Color 
Eye Color 
Apprentice to 
Apprentice  {{{TheirApprentice}}}
Affiliation  Adventurer
Former Research Assistant
Global Guardians
Base  originally Norway
Enemy of 
Voiced by 

Sigrid Nansen grew up in Norway. Her mother was a scientist specializing in biochemistry. Sigrid was a research assistant working in a laboratory in which scientists were trying to duplicate the powers of the legendary Ice-People of the Norwegian mountains.

Background Information

The government of Norway wanted a Norwegian member in the newly formed Global Guardians and this research was a way to create a Norwegian Super-Hero. Sigrid volunteered as a subject for the tests and was endowed with cold and ice generating powers.

She was never really confident in battle situations. She joined the Justice League for a brief time. She was later part of the very short-lived Justice League Europe revival.

Powers and Abilities



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