Its Superman

Both versions of the cover of It's Superman!

It's Superman! is a novel written by Tom De Haven. The novel is set in the 1930s in what appears to be Earth-2A, the universe populated by the Justice Society of America, which is also the universe that the Superman cartoons from the '40s take place in.[1]

There were two different covers for the book. One had a screenshot from the The Mad Scientist, a classic cartoon starring Superman. The book focuses on the early days of the Superman of this Earth, which is similar to the Superman of Earth-Two, except there are a few differences. Most notably that the newspaper office is called the Daily Planet, rather than the Daily Star, and it's located in Manhattan. This is also the case in the cartoons, as established in Electric Earthquake, which is another reason we can assume this book takes place on Earth-2A.


Part One: The WPA Guide to Smallville

Part Two

Part Three: The Saucer-Man from Tinseltown

Part Four: Anything for Halloween?

Part Five


  1. All this is merely based upon conjecture of course. But it seems quite likely, so we are saying that it is.