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Real name: Jor-L
AKA: One of Krypton's Leading Scientists
Species: Kryptonian
Homeworld: Krypton
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Relatives: Kal-L (son)
Abilities: Flight, super strength, super speed, X-Ray vision

Jor-L of Krypton is a native of the Earth-2A universe, the counterpart of Earth-1A's Jor-El.

He was one of Krypton's leading scientists, and like all other Kryptonians, he was a superman. But one day he learned that Krypton would soon explode, so he placed his infant child in a rocket ship and sent him to earth, just before the planet blew up.[1]


  • Jor-L was never shown in the episode, only referenced.
  • Jor-L was never mentioned by name, he was mentioned as "One of Krypton's Leading Scientists." His name comes from the Earth-Two version of the character, from which he is clearly based upon.


  1. As referenced in the Superman (1940s cartoons), episode: The Mad Scientist. However, his name is never actually mentioned. He is only referred to as one of Krypton's leading scientists.

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