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Official Name
Combating crime and helping out with worldwide emergencies[1]
First Appearance
JLA Super Powers commercial

Justice League of America[2]

In the Earth-1A universe, a similar universe to Earth-One, there is a team of the greatest superhero's located on Earth called the Justice League (JL or JLA). Together they protect the Interplanetary Federation as well as the entire universe.

The League was founded in order to accomplish this goal:

To fight injustice, to right that which is wrong, and to serve all mankind.

SuperFriends (opening theme), Narrator

Formation of the Justice League of America

Justice League of America (FOUNDERS)

The Founding Members

Much of the back-story concerning the formation of the Justice League of America is the same as in the parallel universe of Earth-One;[3] with the exception of the date of formation. Instead of the date being 1960, it was late 1968.

Originally, these heroes operated solely within their own respective territories. With the exception of their super-powered adversaries, they rarely interacted with other heroes.[4][5][6]

The initial Justice League lineup was also the same as the Earth-One universe. It included seven of the Leagues most prominent members: Aquaman, Flash, Green Lantern, Martian Manhunter, Wonder Woman, Superman and Batman.


From Left to Right: Aquaman, Flash, Superman, Atom, Hawkman and Green Lantern

Over the next two years Hawkman, Green Arrow, Zatanna, the Atom, Black Canary and several others were added to the roster.[7]

At that time, the Justice League operated from a secret cave, located outside of the small town of Happy Harbor, Rhode Island.

After a year of being a team (1969), the JLA entered a volunteering program to help train young people to become superheroes. Teenager Snapper Carr was the first teenage member or more specifically he was the first Junior Justice League Member.

In 1971, the Martian Manhunter had left Earth when Mars became desolate to help his people search for a new world.

The Expansion

JLA formation

The formation of the SuperFriends

In late 1971, shortly after the Martian Manhunter had left Earth, The Justice League enters a program to help expand the Justice League and they call themselves Superfriends.[8] Because as Superman stated, "the best way for us to combat crime and be prepared for world-wide emergencies is to work together. From now on, we'll be the SuperFriends."[9] The heroes on hand during this incident were Aquaman, Batman, Robin, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hawkman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Black Vulcan and Samurai.[10] The team continued to expand, as the Justice League begin to train younger members. Marvin White and Wendy Harris, and later Zan and Jayna of the Wonder Twins are the first of the trainees. This is another significant departure from the parallel universe of Earth-One.

In 1985, they changed their name again and went by the name "The Super Powers Team."[11]

Known SuperFriends Members

Apachie Chief 1.1
Atom 1.1
Black Vulcan1.1
El Dorado 1.1
Apache Chief Aquaman Atom Batman Black Canary Black Vulcan El Dorado
Flash 1.1
Green Arrow 1.1
Green Lantern 1.1
Hawkgirl 1.1
Hawkman 1.1
Elongated Man Flash Green Arrow Green Lantern Hawkgirl Hawkman Martian Manhunter
Plasticman 1.1
Red Tornado 1.1
Rima 1.1
Samurai 1.1
Superman 1.1
Wonder Woman 1.1
Plastic Man Red Tornado Rima Samurai Superman Wonder Woman

Junior SuperFriends Members

The Junior SuperFriends were young heroes that the other older heroes that were considered full time members would train to be superheroes.
Snapper Carr-HS
Snapper Carr

Although Robin is seen training the Wonder Twins on occasion, he is still considered a junior member.[12]
Robin 1.1
Firestorm 1.1
Cyborg 1.1
Robin Firestorm Cyborg
Marvin 1.1
Wendy 1.1
Wonder Dog 1.1
Marvin White Wendy Harris Wonder Dog
Zan 1.1
Jayna 1.1
Gleek 1.1
Zan Jayna Gleek


Original JL Lineup
JLA team
Expanded Justice League Lineup.
Picture is from the SF Comic Book
Limited Collectors' Edition #C-41 (Jan. 76').
Artwork by Alex Toth:
Hawkman, Robin, Atom, Batman,
Captain Marvel, Black Canary, Flash and Green Lantern.[13]


Hall of Justice5

Initially their headquarters was the Secret Sanctuary located in the caverns of Mount Justice in Happy Harbor, Rhode Island. Eventually, with the help of billionaire Bruce Wayne, they were able to establish a suitable headquarters.

The Justice League eventually moved into a satellite above the Earth.[14]

The Justice League also made use of an earth-base, the Hall of Justice, located in Gotham City, but later relocated to Metropolis.[15] The Hall was equipped with an advanced communications network and "Trouble Alert" system. They maintained a relationship with important government officials such as Colonel Wilcox, who often alerted the Super Friends to various global threats, including alien invasions. At first, the Hall was not their primary headquarters, and it only served as a place to train young men and women learning to be superheroes. And the Justice League Satellite continued on as the League's official headquarters.[16] Over time though, the Hall becomes their main headquarters.[17]

Gathered together from the cosmic reaches of the universe – here in this great Hall of Justice - are the most powerful forces of good ever assembled.

SuperFriends, Narrator

International Branches




  • Having successfully re-introduced a number of their Golden Age superhero characters (Flash, Green Lantern, etc.) during the late 1950s, DC Comics asked writer Gardner Fox to re-introduce the Justice Society of America.[18] Fox, influenced by the popularity of the National Football League and Major League Baseball, decided to change the name of the team from Justice Society to Justice League.[19]
  • The Justice League of America first appeared in The Brave and the Bold vol. 1, #28 (1960)[20]
  • Sometime in the late 60s or early 70s, Gardner Fox wanted to showcase an even more child-friendly version of the Justice League, hence the SuperFriends were born. The reason that the show was called Superfriends, rather than the Justice League of America was due to the fact that the show was coming out during the Post-Vienam War and a name like Justice League of America seemed to patriotic. Nevertheless the team is still referred to as the JLA, even though it didn't make the title.[?]
  • The SuperFriends turned out to be the longest-running version of the Justice League, which ran in various incarnations from 1973 to 1985.

External Links

Appearances in Other Media

SmallvilleJLA Justice
The Justice League is Oliver Queen's (Green Arrow's) team of heroes which was founded to stop Lex Luthor and his 33.1 project(s). They have since neutralized many LuthorCorp facilities around the world, stopping LuthorCorp's testing on innocent people. The team was temporarily disbanded in 2008, after LuthorCorp discovered the secret identities of Aquaman and Black Canary. After a short hiatus the team was reformed. The founding members of this Justice League are: Green Arrow, Aquaman, Impulse and Cyborg. Its expanded team includes: Black Canary, Watchtower (Chloe Sullivan), Dr. Emil Hamilton, Martian Manhunter and the reluctant Boy Scout (Clark Kent).

This JLA is based on the Smallville TV series (2001-??) as seen on the CW.
- For more on this Justice League see article at Smallville Wiki
JlAfounding Justice
The Justice League was founded after the Imperium invasion by the seven heroes who responded to the crisis. The team was reformed after the Thanagarian invasion, and would be reformed once again into the Justice League Unlimited prior to 2040. The team was originally headquartered in the Watchtower. The founding members of this Justice League are: J'onn J'onzz, Hawkgirl, John Stewart, Wonder Woman, Flash, Superman, and Batman.

This JLA is based on the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited animated series that was produced for the Cartoon Network from 2001-2006
- For more on this Justice League see article at DCAU Wiki


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