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Multiple Earths

Barry Allen and Wally West talk about how they've saved the world and the Multiple Earths[1]

A parallel universe is a self contained universe that occupies the same space as the primary universe, but it exists on another plane of reality, in other words, another dimension.

There is a multiverse of realities, a few of which the Super Friends have traveled to, or encountered beings from those realities.

List of universes

Primary Universe

Earth-1A (referred to by natives of the 5th Dimension as the 3rd Dimension)

Alternate Universes

Wildstorm Animated Universe[6]
4th Dimension
5th Dimension
6th Dimension
23rd Dimension
Fourth World
Universe of Evil
Antimatter Universe
Phantom Zone
For a more extensive list of universes within the DC Comics Multiverse, which includes universes never shown in the Superfriends series as well as the Superfriends universes themselves, go to:


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  2. Not shown in Super Friends series.
  3. Not shown in Super Friends series, however it was shown in the Super Powers comics, which are related.
  4. Not shown in Super Friends series.
  5. Not shown in the Super Friends series. This is the universe that started with the Fisher-Price toyline which spawned comics and even an online animated cartoon.
  6. Not shown in the Super Friends series. This universe is only seen in the animated productions from Wildstorm Productions.

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