Kryptonian Science Council[1]

Krypton's Science Council is the head of government on the planet Krypton. They are seated at the Hall of Wisdom. It is the council that makes the laws on Krypton. Jor-El, one of the council's leading Astro-Scientists, tried to get the other council members support to build Space Arks to send all of Krypton's inhabitants to Earth, but his pleas fell on deaf ears, and they were outraged at the thought, since space travel was illegal on Krypton, because 20 years previously a group of rogue scientists led by Jax-Ur tried to strand the council in space. In the end, the negligence of the council cost them and the rest of the population of Krypton their lives, save for Kal-El, who Jor-El managed to save in one small prototype ark.

Known Council members

Other council members

This is a list of council members whose names were not revealed, had no dialogue nor is anything else known about them.



  1. As seen in The Planet-Splitter.

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