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Baby Kal-El in the Space Ark


The Space Ark lands on Earth in Smallville

The Kryptonian Space Ark was a rocket-ship capable of interstellar space travel. It was built by Kryptonian Astro-Scientist Jor-El to be the first of many Space Arks to save the Kryptonian race from Krypton's destruction. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, only one was completed, and with only room for one passenger, and its' passenger was none other than Kal-El.

2 Rocket-Ship

The Kryptonian Space Ark on the launch pad.


  • The Kryptonian Space Ark appears differently throughout its' appearances in the series. This seems to be very contradictory, but it is possible that in the origin of Superman "As told by Marvin White," (in "The Planet-Splitter) that Marvin had described it incorrectly and that its' appearance in Secret Origins of the Super Friends was the true likeness of the ark.

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