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Baby Kal-El in the Space Ark


The Space Ark lands on Earth in Smallville

The Kryptonian Space Ark was a rocket-ship capable of interstellar space travel. It was built by Kryptonian Astro-Scientist Jor-El to be the first of many Space Arks to save the Kryptonian race from Krypton's destruction. Unfortunately, due to a lack of time, only one was completed, and with only room for one passenger, and its' passenger was none other than Kal-El.

2 Rocket-Ship

The Kryptonian Space Ark on the launch pad.


The Ark was originally built by Jor-El as a prototype for what would be a series of much larger spaceships designed to transport the entire population of Krypton to an inhabitable world so as to escape the destruction of Krypton, and continue living on another planet. This plan was not well received by the Science Council however, because space travel was not only against Kryptonian law, but the majority of the council, particularly Ka-Do, did not believe that Krypton was in danger.[1]

The small prototype ship was only good for sending Lara and Kal-El, but Lara chooses to stay on Krypton. History generally accepts that when the ship crashes in Kansas, it is discovered by Jonathan and Martha Kent in their pickup truck,[2] however it should be noted, that one contradictory account states that the Kents discovered the ship in a car.[3] But whatever vehicle it was that the Kents discovered the spacecraft in, they found the baby inside and took him to the Smallville Orphanage. They loaded the small ship on the back of their pickup truck and took it back to the Kent Farm, where they likely kept it in their barn.[4]


The design of the ship was much like a small rocket and it was blue, yellow and red in color, although Marvin White once inaccurately described it as being white, yellow and red.[5]

It was also designed for interstellar space travel and as such, no doubt much of the meteor fragments of Krypton, which are called Kryptonite, had been caught in the craft's warp field, which brought much of those fragments into the solar system.[6]

As stated earlier, the design of the ship was intended to be used at a much larger scale for several Space Arks, which was to ensure the survival of the Kryptonian race, but this proved to be a fruitless endeavor, as the Science Council did not allow the project to move forward, and there wasn't enough time left anyway.[7]


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