Kryptonian law is dictated by the Kryptonian Science Council. There are many laws on Krypton, most notably is the law forbidding the construction of space ships and space travel itself. Jor-El violated this law and was removed from the council.

History of the law

Twenty years before Krypton's destruction, Jax-Ur,[1] and the rest of his rogue scientists build space arks in an attempt to exile the council into space.[2] Because of his treasonous actions, he is sent to the Phantom Zone,[3] and within fifteen years, space travel, and the invention of space traveling vehicles are outlawed on Krypton.


  1. His name was never revealed, but he was vaguely referenced, although he was referred to as "a group of rogue scientists."
  2. This is different than what happened on Earth-One, in that universe, Jax-Ur destroyed Krypton's only inhabitable moon, and it was that which lead to the outlawing of space travel.
  3. This is conjecture, according to the Earth-One continuity he was sent to the Phantom Zone, and he was the first Kryptonian to receive such a sentence.

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