Geo-Force, prince of Markovia.[1]


Terra, a native of Markovia[2]

Markovia is a country located on the continent of Europe. The Teen Titan member known as Terra is a native of that country. Markovia is located between Italy and Switzerland.[3]



Super Powers (comics)


  1. As seen in ??
  2. As seen in Action Comics Vol 1 546.
  3. In DC Comics, Markovia is revealed to be between France, Belgium and Luxembourg. The location between Italy and Switzerland was revealed in the DC Heroes role playing game, which should probably be considered the "real" Earth-1A location, since the game was a Super Powers Collection tie-in. However it should be noted that some of the information provided in the role playing game is contradictory to what was already established in the Super Friends, so therefore that information should likely not be taken seriously. (As an example, it had already been established in the Super Friends that Central City is located somewhere on the coast, most likely the East Coast, but the DC Heroes role playing game states it's in Missouri.)

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