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Filmation Character
Mary Marvel
A Mary 3
Real Name  Mary Batson
Species  Metahuman
Sex  {{{gender}}}
Homeworld  Earth
Universe  Earth-1A
Height  {{{height}}}
Weight  {{{weight}}}
Hair Color 
Eye Color 
Relatives  Billy Batson (brother)
Occupation  {{{occupation}}}
Apprentice to 
Affiliation  Marvel Family
Base  Fawcett City
Marvel Estate
Enemy of 
Played by  Dawn Jeffory
A MaryMarvel 3

Mary Marvel

Mary Batson is Billy Batson's sister. When she says the name of the ancient wizard Shazam, she is transformed into Mary Marvel, a superheroine with all the abilities of Captain Marvel.

Background Information

On the parallel-universe of Earth-S,....

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External Links

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