The steel on this train is reinforced with Promethium, a metal that Steve Dayton aka Mento invented.[1]

The superhero known as Mento is in reality Steve Dayton, the CEO of Dayton Industries. As a superhero, he is a member of the superhero team known as the Doom Patrol.


Steve Dayton is a very rich and intelligent man who is the CEO of a major firm known as Dayton Industries. Dayton wanted to boost his own Mental Powers so as to impress a woman named Rita Farr, whom he was in love with. So he invented a device called a Mental Helmet which boosted his mental abilities. He called himself Mento. He later became a member of the superhero group known as the Doom Patrol, which Rita was already a member of as Elasti-Girl. Eventually he and Rita get married. He had several adventures with fellow team members: The Chief, Robotman, Negative Man and later Beast Boy whom he and his wife adopt. Dayton is also well known as being the inventor of the metal known as Promethium, perhaps the strongest known metal in existence, which possibly rivals the strength of Krypton steel.


  • Mento first appeared in Doom Patrol Vol 1 # 91 (November 1964).

Powers and Abilities

  • Mental Helmet Enhancement:
    Steve Dayton wears a helmet of his own invention that amplifies his own latent psychic powers. While wearing the helmet, he has the powers of:


  • Mental Helmet
Mental Helmet

Mento's Mental Helmet, as it appears on Earth-One.


  1. As seen in Destroy the Defendroids.
  2. Keep in mind that this history is conjecture, based upon DC Comics. In fact, the existence of Mento on Earth-1A is purely conjectural as well, although he likely exists in this universe, based upon the reference of Promethium in Destroy the Defendroids.

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