Mirror Master
Real name: Sam Scudder
Species: Human
Affiliations: Secret Society of Super-Villains
Abilities: To send people to the 6th dimension
To cast high-powered light
Voiced by: Casey Kasem

Mirror Master is a supervillain. His gimmick is that all of his weapons are mirror or light oriented.


No special powers.


He created a device that would be able to keep one in a mirror after they see their reflection in that mirror. Specifically, it sends them into the 6th Dimension.

He also has another device that has the ability to cast a bright light.

In the Comics

In the comics, we learn that Mirror Master's real name is Sam Scudder. He initially started committing crimes around Central City, only to run afoul of the Flash every time. The Flash didn't appear in this episode however, making his relationship with the villain unknown.

Episode Appearance

Super Friends (TV Series)

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Appearances in Other Media

MirrormasterJL Mirror Master The Mirror Master was a minor-league crook from Central City whose criminal exploits were frequently opposed by the Flash.
- For more on Mirror Master see article at DCAU

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