Mister Miracle
Mister Miracle
Real name: Scott Free
AKA: Mr. Miracle
Species: New God
Homeworld: New Genesis
Universe: Earth-1A
Hair: black
Eyes: blue
Relatives: Highfather (father)
Darkseid (adopted father)
Kalibak (adopted brother)
Big Barda (wife)
Base: New Genesis
Affiliations: Aero-troopers (formerly)
Justice League
Abilities: Expert escape artist
Voiced/Played: N/A

Mister Miracle is a superhero from the planet New Genesis. As an infant, a war between his world and Apokolips was fought, and as a treaty, Highfather traded his son, the infant Scott Free, with Darkseid's son, the infant known as Orion. Although Scott was raised on Apokolips to become evil, he eventually escaped and returned to New Genesis to fight alongside the forces of good on the world of his birth.[1]

Earth-1A history

History of the character is not known.

Earth-1B history

Coming soon!

Powers and Abilities

Super Powers



Mr. Miracle never appeared in the "Super Friends" series, but he did appear as an action figure from the toyline.


Mr. Miracle first appeared in Mr. Miracle # 1 (April 1971).[2]


  1. This is all conjecture based upon the events of Earth-One.
  2. Click here for more information on that comic book.

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